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Services at Animal Clinic at Mission Square

We’re pleased to offer a variety of services to keep your pets healthy and happy throughout their life.

Spay and Neuter
Surgery can be a touchy subject for pet owners, especially when their companion is still in their puppy or kitten stage. However, spay and neuter surgeries are an important part of keeping pets healthy. Spay and neuter surgeries are some of the most frequently performed procedures in veterinary medicine. Not only do they prevent unwanted pregnancies, but they also prevent a number of problematic health and behavioral issues.
Our doctors perform a variety of soft tissue procedures including spay/neuter, laceration repairs, tumor removals, gastrointestinal surgeries, ophthalmic surgeries, and bladder stone removals. Select orthopedic procedures such as amputations and femoral head osteotomies are also offered.
We believe that permanent identification of your pet through microchipping is the best chance your pet has if they become lost. Microchips are approximately the size of a grain of rice and are implanted under the skin over the shoulders. When scanned, they provide a unique identifying number that, when registered, provides the finders contact information that can help to get your pet back to you.
Ultrasounds and Radiology
Digital radiography and ultrasound can be quite helpful in the diagnosis of many health problems. Radiographs allow the evaluation of bone structures and soft tissue structures in your pet. Ultrasound uses sound waves to painlessly evaluate your pet’s internal organs. Results are available quickly and samples can be taken of problem areas, often in the same procedure. Many pets allow ultrasound and radiography without anesthesia or sedation. Ultrasound can also be used to monitor pregnancy.
Senior Care
Our pets are living longer and fuller lives just like us! Dogs and cats age much more quickly and illness and disease can present much more quickly. Pets typically become seniors at seven years old. As your pet grows older, we recommend screening bloodwork at least yearly. Once the disease has been identified, we may recommend more frequent examinations and bloodwork as well as other screening diagnostics such as blood pressure evaluation, radiographs, and ultrasound. Senior-specific evaluations for osteoarthritis, pain, and cognitive decline are also important to identify issues. Often, a pet who is “slowing down” is actually suffering from an age-related medical condition
Pain Management
Controlling your pet’s pain is of the utmost importance. Pain is never helpful and individualized pain management that maintains and improves your pet’s wellbeing and comfort is a priority. We utilize a variety of techniques including oral medications, injectable medications, constant infusions, local nerve blocks, and topical patches.
Parasite Prevention
There was a time when parasites like fleas, ticks, and roundworms were considered mostly a nuisance. Now, however, we know that parasites can cause serious illness and even death in pets. Veterinary examinations and parasite testing are important ways to protect your pet’s health. Let our knowledgeable staff provide you with a comprehensive parasite control program. We can recommend a schedule for parasite testing, discuss what signs of parasites you can look for at home, review ways to control parasites in and around your home, discuss treatment options if your pet has parasites, and recommend ways to control and prevent parasites in the future.
Overall health is quite dependent on good nutrition. The pet food world is overwhelming and we can help you navigate the labels. Management of some medical illnesses and conditions can also be greatly affected by food choices. Let us help you make a great choice for your pet’s individualized needs.