Cat Corral Boarding

Enjoy cat-only boarding here at the Cat Corral in Midland, TX.


A Western-Themed, Home Away From Home

With no dogs allowed, it is the only exclusive feline boarding facility in Midland. We have the “Inn”, the “Bank”, the “Barber Shop” and “Saloon”–all very roomy “suites” with beds, litter boxes, and windows for sunshine and viewing. We also have six smaller “jailhouses” with perches for lounging and full plexiglass fronts, so the guests won’t miss anything! With such a small number of spacious suites/jailhouses, each guest at the Cat Corral is assured a comfortable, personal stay. We are proud that our Sheriffs keep the Cat Corral the cleanest, quietest place for our kitty guests.

Our goal is that while staying with us, our guests feel like they are at home. So don’t let the name “jail house” fool you. We don’t want our guests to feel claustrophobic, so everyone in town is welcomed to make a private trip to the OK (to play) Corral and stretch their legs, be busybodies, or just plain get away from it all.

We provide catered meals two times a day from “Felidae,” and our “guests” have access to fresh water at all times. We also have a few “entertainment” options that each guest can choose from if they’d like.

To make their stay more like home, you’re welcome to bring their favorite food, bowls (please no glass or ceramic), litter, blankets, and/or toys. If, during their stay, our guests get a little “feisty” and tear up any of the above items, we accept no responsibility.

Town Rules

All guests need to be current on the following before being allowed into town:

  • A current feline distemper (FVRCP) vaccination
  • A current feline leukemia (FeLV) vaccination
  • A current rabies vaccination
  • A negative FeLV/FIV test on file
  • Your doctor can telegraph (fax) these records to us at 432-687-3203.

If we find any bandits (fleas, ticks, or ear mites) on your kitty, we’ll have to bring in the Marshall to treat ’em… at your expense.

Please note.. If a guest is a sour puss, cranky, or acts like Billy the Kitty, we reserve the right to say “nope” the next time they want to come for a stay.

Emergencies: We have three well qualified “docs” on staff, and if any accidents occur, we are ready to take care of our guests. However, if you would like their personal doctor to see them, feel free to let us know, and we would be happy to give them a buzz for you.

Rates and Reservations
  • Jailhouse Double: $25.00
  • Suite: $35.00

* If our guest has a little “extra room to love” (and/or can not fit through our walkway in the jailhouse), they will be given a suite for better accommodations (access/comfort), which will be added to the bill.

Holidays at the Cat Corral

There are “special” rules when you hit the trail over the “big” holidays like:

– Christmas/New Year’s
– Memorial Day
– Fourth of July
– Labor Day
– Thanksgiving

A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to SECURE a reservation. You are responsible for all days booked during the above days, even if our feline guests cut their visit early.

A valid credit card number will be required to be on file for these days. Or, advance payment will be accepted.

State of the art Cat Corral